Wednesday, August 13, 2014

P-Town: The Sequel...So Far!

Today is Wednesday, we're midway through the second vacation in good ole P-Town and it's gonna be a stormy day! The rain clouds and the wind are already rolling in and it's a bit chilly, too.  I am up way too early for here, but that's because I think I got my early night over and done with last night.  That was when we had our turn at a house party and lemme tell ya, it was a good one!

So far, the trip's been as I expected it to be, different than last year, but good.  I still can't get over how such an ordinary game like bowling has brought all of these good people together in such a monumental way. Time here in P-Town is spent in any number of ways, and with any combination of the 25-plus people that are staycationing with us.  Always fun, always interesting.

The daily 4 o'clock tea dances at a The Boatslip are the one event where everyone gathers in the same place at the same time.  A little Planter's Punch, a little conversation, lots of laughs, a lil gawking at the crowds and then an all-out dance party are always on the agenda.  This is usually where the night begins before everyone goes off into wherever the night takes them, which can be anything from a Kristen Chenoweth show to dancing at Wave Bar, a drag show, or a house party, etc., etc., etc.

The first house party happened on Monday night.  Sean and Leo, J.C. and Ed, Daved and Tom, and Eric were the hosts for some laughs and Leo's now famous 'balls,' with a lil pasta and salad thrown in.  Last night was our turn and I think our party will definitely be one of the highlights of the week.  With nine of us in the house, ours was a big house party, with more than 30 people in and around the patio area drinking, eating and having a good time.  The vodka marinated watermelon, I think, did me in and I was fast asleep before midnight.

There's not too much more to say about P-Town itself that I didn't already say last time, so for now I'll just let the pictures taken by my fellow P-Town brothers speak for themselves.

         Photo: Party at the frat house ;)

Photo    Photo: Aaaaaand JINKX MONSOON!!!

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