Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Sailing Adventure to Acadia, Part III: Welcome to Beautiful Maine

After mooring the sailboat in the cove, we decided to take the dinghy into the marina so that Xavier could check in and we could all get some food.  It was my first ride ever in a dinghy and I'll say I was more than a little nervous.  That thing goes pretty fast, and having to wear a life jacket, well... The ride was fun, though, and the views were spectacular!  There was a slight fog coming downside a small mountain above the water and there was also a very cool empty-decked schooner anchored out there...very cool! That was the first of many fun and out-of-the-ordinary things I did over the next two days.

After lunch we returned to the cove where I went kayaking for the first time ever with little Kevin as Xavi and Tati rested.  Again, I was so out of my element, but once I did it, it was actually fun.  We did a little exploring up on some rocks and along the beach before heading back to the boat.  By that time Xavier was awake and suggested a hike, which was more my speed.  

I like hiking (and I am making a mental note right now to do it more), and this hike was awesome!  Our walk took us to the summit of Flying Mountain, elevation 284 feet.  I know it doesn't sound like much, and the hike was relatively easy, but the views from the top were incredible!  By the time we reached the top, though, it was already dusk and we had to hurriedly backtrack our way downward without getting lost in the deep woods. Of course, nothing happens in my life without a little drama, and my imagination ran wild during that trek, bears and mountain lions dancing in my head, but in the end we made it down just fine. . 

Once we'd made it safely back to the beach, it was time to head back to the Maria Cristina in the dinghy. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying a nice dinner and playing some card games before heading off to a peaceful slumber.  To that point and throughout my visit, this was a vacation unlike what I'm used to.  Where I usually enjoy seeing sites and shopping and such, this type of holiday was more like a camping trip...and I liked it!  I was impressed with the beauty of Maine that first day and couldn't wait to check out some more of Acadia National Park on Monday.

...to be continued...

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