Friday, August 29, 2014

Flashback Friday Song of the Day - Neutron Dance - Pointer Sisters

There's no money falling from the sky
'Cause a man took my heart and robbed me blind
Someone stole my brand new Chevrolet
And the rent is due, I got no place to stay
Whoo oooh, whoo oooh

Here's a fun oldie from the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack way back in 1984.  The Pointer Sisters, to me, were always a much under-appreciated group even though they had a long string of 13 top twenty hits beginning in the 70's with such great tunes as Fire, He's So Shy, Automatic, Jump (For My Love) and all the way through to their last big one, Dare Me, in 1986. Sadly, June Pointer passed away without much fanfare back in 2006, and with her death, the three sisters faded into a happy yet distant memory.  Enjoy...

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