Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011 - I'm no Paul Bunyan; Greenhouse

Monday night! It’s the end of a 3-day weekend and back to work tomorrow. Waaahhhhh!!!!! Ah well, such is life, right? Today wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be, although I did get some stuff done. Anyway it was a good weekend. I spent today in solace, it’s something I always tend to do the last day before back to work, but it’s okay. I’m used to it.

Paul Bunyan I am not!

I’ve got a project I need to get done…well two projects, or I should say two trees. There’s an evergreen at the front left corner of my house that I’ve wanted to take down for awhile. I’ve been cutting it down little by little, when I have time. It’s a really bushy tree and so getting rid of what I cut is the work-intensive part. I’m almost there, with just a couple of feet at the top and then I can cut down the trunk. It shouldn’t be too much trouble, but that’s not my problem.

My problem is another tree. About a week ago, my neighbor approached me as I got home from work. She pointed out a tree on the side of my property kind of fell on her fence during the hurricane a few weeks back. I hadn’t even noticed the thing, it’s only tilted slightly, but it is broken at the very bottom. It has to come down, but….ay, ay ay!!!!

I went out there today aiming, or at least hoping that somehow I’d get it down. It’s not too tall, but it is heavy and it’s completely entangled from years of growth up above from a nearby wisteria and a pine tree. I could’ve tried to cut it. I couldn’t tell whether or not the piece up above was going to crash onto the fence below, lol, so I thought better of it. I don’t need to have to pay for a new fence, that’s for sure! I’m not sure where I’m headed from here, but I’m thinking that if I could get a couple of people over we could get it down. The only question is when…


I finally went to Greenhouse with Ivan last night. It was such a cool place! The architecture and design of the place is stunning, with greenery, crystal and blue and red lighting everywhere. By midnight or so it was standing room only. It kind of reminded me of the Ritz that way, a little too crowded to really dance or even enjoy yourself. The best part was the people watching, up close and personal, lol. Anyway, look for a piece on it soon.

Well, it’s late and this guy needs his beauty sleep, lol! Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!

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