Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24th, 2011 - A Facebook Cleanup: Hating Haters

Well it’s Monday night, and a very chilly one at that. This morning’s temperature when I walked out the door was a frigid 40 degrees…way too cold for October! Anyway the day was beautiful but the cold air has settled in once again, and I am looking forward to snuggling up in bed with lots of layers on me and above me. Oh, it’s gonna be so hard to get up in the morning!

A Facebook Friends Cleanup

I did something today I’d been thinking about for awhile, ever since I started seeing those “I’m cleaning out my friend’s list…and you should do this or that for me not to delete you…” posts. Well, I’m not sure what spurred it on today, but I just started getting really tired of certain ‘friends’ of mine and decided to start a little cleanup of my own.

I have to admit, at 409 friends as of this morning, I’ve definitely got more people on my list that I should. Yes, in the past I’ve requested people who I’ve thought were cute or popular or both, and many of them just accepted because that’s just what they do: take on anybody and everybody just to build up their friend number so they can say (or think!) they are popular. Well, even though I’ve had several people on my list like that, I do have many, many others who I am really friends with from my travels, and that’s why I enjoy the site so much. These folks not so much.

I’ve also made some friends on Facebook, as well, as I try and interact with anyone on my wall who posts anything of interest to me. I’m just like that. I even had a FB-only friend offer to help me out back in February when I had that stalker problem. He’s actually a funny guy and I’ll probably never meet him face to face, but I’d miss him if he was gone.

I like it also when I get a “like” from someone I don’t know on a “Song of the Day” or even a comment once in awhile. me that’s how you really make friends on Facebook, and folks like that I plan on keeping. But there are plenty of folks who never interact with me, even though I’ve placed comments on their posts or just “liked’ em’. To me, that's just rude...why'd you even friend me in the first place? Oh, that's right!

I finally came to the conclusion that I no longer need these people on my Facebook page just to make it look like I’ve got a lot of friends. I posted this earlier this afternoon:

I'm thinkin I need to clean up my friends list, starting with the self-absorbed's not how many 'friends' you have, but the number of real ones you got!

And so I did…I went through my friends list trying to find people that fit that description. I deleted 10 of them so far and it actually felt good. There are more, but for now I think some of them might be worth keeping, and so I’ll just keep my eye on things for awhile, and see where I can delete more. In the meantime I think I’m going to tackle some fellow writers who fit similar descriptions. They make up a good portion of my friends list, and so it’s gonna look like I’m not very popular anymore, but who cares!

After I finished deleting these people, I wrote another post:

Uh, bye, bye…I hope you and yourself have a wonderful life together…and please don’t stay in touch! (that last part was inspired by Lily Allen’s “Fuck You”!).

The two posts were well received by real friends, who put plenty of comments and “likes’ to make sure I keep them, lol, and my friend Christie gave me the biggest complement I could have received today. She wrote: “Wow! John I didn’t know you could be so forceful. I LIKE IT!” Me too Christie, me too!

Hating Haters

Another Facebook experience I had today was on a post I saw by one of my Y!CN friends, Ms. Jolie Du Pre (I love that name and I love her!). It was the following photo and caption:

When I saw it on my lunch hour I couldn’t wait to get home to post it, so I saved it on my phone and reposted it on my own wall right then and there. People who know me know that I am no hater and that’s the only thing I do hate is a hater. I think the photo delivers a powerful message to a lot of obvious hypocrites out there and I only wish they all could see it. Maybe some of them will…

Anyway, that’s all she wrote folks. Halloween’s coming and I’m trying to get in the spirit, but… Oh well, maybe I’ll post a Halloween song tomorrow! Goodnight lovers!

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