Sunday, October 9, 2011

Song of the Day - Nobody's Supposed to Be Here - Deborah Cox

Talk about the ultimate club anthem! This one is so powerful, so sing-a-long, and so danceable from beginning to end and last night it proved it's mettle when it was played to a packed dance floor at Splashh last night. People were getting down and singing along to the 13 year-old song as if it were brand new. It's that good! Thank you deejay Hex Hector for inspiring today's song.

This clip is from a long since defunct show from an equally defunct channel. The show was called the Electric Circus and it was a Friday night dance party on Much Music, Canada's old version of MTV. The show took place on the streets of Toronto, and always in the cold winter months. They used to play some great dance music, interspersing the videos with scenes of the coat, scarf and glove wearing revelers, and they had different guest performers each week, as you can see from the video. Enjoy and have a great Sunday.

Nobody's Supposed to Be Here - One Wish

Image Source: Soul

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