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October 5th, 2011 - Tailer's Broken; Bowling for Pizza; Let's Go Yankees!

Happy Hump Day everyone! I know it’s a little late in the day to celebrate Hump Day, but it is an especially good one since there’s a 3-day weekend coming up. The weather really got beautiful today after what seemed like two weeks of rain and cold temperatures. I actually woke up freezing this morning, but thankfully things warmed up as the day wore on and now its primo comfortable!

It’s been a long couple of weeks and I’m frustrated because I haven’t been writing. Things have been so busy lately that I haven’t had too much time to write and when I do find a little time, I’ve been getting writer’s block. I see stories and get ideas all day long, and when I’m in front of my pc…nothing! I just hope things slow down so I can get my groove back on. Anyway, back to my story…

A broken coccyx

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Yup, it’s broken!

I did not go to work today. Instead, I paid a visit to my doctor because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. For some reason the literal ‘pain in my butt’ has been getting worse instead of better these past few days and it’s been so bad it’s even been keeping me awake at night. You don’t realize how much pressure your tailbone takes until you hurt it. Ouch!

Anyway, as I thought, the tailer’s broken and there’s nothing they could do about it, which is what I expected. They gave me pills, of course, only one that I’ve taken so far. They’re anti-inflammatories and so I don’t think they’re going to do much. The one I took a few hours ago hasn’t done anything. We’ll see…

I tell ya, I have a new appreciation for those who live with chronic pain. After about two and a half weeks of this, I am kinda sorta cranky and a little down. Through all of the busy-ness that has been my life lately, being in constant pain just makes it worse. It sucks too, because before that damned fall I was on top of my game, and now I’ve lost it. I guess I’ve just gotta wait it out…

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Bowling for pizza

I think that maybe one of the reasons I was hurting especially bad this morning was because I bowled last night. I joined a once-a-month bowling league with my friend Rita and we had to make up the night that we missed last night because we signed up late. Bowling was not the sole cause of my pain, but it definitely didn’t help as I literally crashed once I got home at 10:45, which is really early for me.

I haven’t bowled in years! I used to be in a league when I was a kid and I always enjoyed it. In fact, I still have the same ball from when I was like 13 years old, lol. Rita and I are going to be bowling with her friend Karen and her boyfriend Joe. I’d met Karen once before and liked her, and the two of them were looking for something fun to do and so they chose this really laid back league. While most leagues play for money, this one awards bowlers with an even better prize: pizza. And the #1 team gets pepperoni on theirs. Woo hoo! (Hehe, I’m joking…I think!)

All in all it was a fun night. We bowled right here in Patchogue, a place where I deejayed “Friday Night Bowl” once upon a time. I was the first one who arrived, and to my pleasant surprise there was actually a gay bowling league going on. I’d heard about the league, but that was a long time ago and I didn’t know they still played, and on Tuesday nights. I remembered it right away when I saw a couple of familiar faces. I gotta say it was weird to see so many gay men outside of a gay bar.

Hmmm???? I’m gonna have to put that one in the mental register for another time!
Anyway, once we were all there we saddled up to our lanes and bowled. It’s been at least four years since I last bowled and wouldn’t you know it, my first two rolls were strikes! Yeah baby, I still got it! Well, sort of. I started off like a house on fire and bowled a 166 my first game, but as the games wore on I got tired and I wasn’t feeling too good, so my game got worse. Not too shabby, though, for the first time in a long time. I bowled a 118 and a 120 in the last two games. Cool!

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Let’s Go Yankees!

I’ve been a sports fan ever since I was a kid, and the Yankees were always a part of that so even though I don’t usually watch them too often, I’m keeping an eye on them in the playoffs. Say what you want about the Yankees, but money does not always equal quality and so at least they get quality enough for their money to be in it virtually every year. You can’t say that about any other sports team, I think.

Anyway, last night the Yanks needed a win to tie the series with Detroit or go home. The game was on at the bowling alley and when we left it was 5-1, Yankees. They eventually won 10-1, which I’m not too happy about. Whenever they score too many runs, they can never seem to buy any their next game. Let’s hope that I’m wrong.

Post Script

Oh, like I said before, there are so many stories I want to talk about here and on the other sites I write for, but there’s no time. I have been following with great interest the Wall Street Protests. I’m just salivating to weigh in on it, and I will, but hopefully not too late in the game. I am hoping that it gets even more attention than I’ve seen it getting, which is a whole story unto itself. In any case, I think that if more people knew about it they would pay more attention to it, which is definitely a good thing!

Walmartian of the Day

Oh well, Writing Wednesday’s gonna come late this week. It’s just par for the course! I leave you with our Walmartian of the Day. These guys are hot, aren’t they? Shopping for a Saturday night dinner on the porch…

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