Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19th, 2011 - Writing Wednesday; More pics from HRC Fashion Event

I feel like crap! I have a swollen gland inside my throat the size of a golf ball and I'm just sick of not feeling good altogether. My tailbone's still aching me, but that's gone down to a dull pain, but the throat...well let's just say I hate sore throats.

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Writing Wednesday

Well, Wednesday is here, and I am actually getting to "Writing Wednesday" on time, even though we're approaching midnight. I actually had a great night writing the other night, penning three pieces in about four hours, a rarity for me. Here are the links to what I've been up to:


Legoland Florida: Orlando's newest theme park

I love theme parks and I love LEGO's. Until now, the only Legoland in the US was in California, but with this new one opening last Saturday in Orlando, Florida, I just may go one of these days...

Yahoo Contributor Network

Two Great Tools for Generating Article Ideas on the Topics Writers like to Write About

I've been writing less and less for Y!CN lately, and I just may sound off on it soon because I wish it weren't so. Anyway, this one's about keeping up with story ideas for writers using email subscriptions and Google alerts. I use both to get all of the ideas I write about (and don't write about). They're really great resources, so if you write online, check it out.


Franklin E. Kameny: A Lesson in Gay Civil Rights History

I told you about this one the other day. It's a really interesting read on one of the fathers of the gay civil rights movement.

Dance music fans bummed as Party 105.3 changes format

One of my favorite LI radio stations, Party 105 changed its format this week from a dance music station to yet another one of those "hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond" stations. Ugh!

I can see that this was a more productive week than last week, if only by one article. I tell ya, I've really got to get back to that "Life You Were Meant to Live" book!

More pics from HRC Fashion Event

The day after I posted about the fashion show at the Allegria on Sunday, my new friend Manny posted some pictures from it on Facebook which are way better than mine. I couldn't go on without sharing some of them, so here they are:

And a few of us...

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