Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9th, 2011 - Fun Splashin'; First Metro Fridays; Greenhouse Sunday

It’s another gorgeous day outside and here I am once again making a late start, but today it’s with good reason. It’s Columbus Day Weekend and I have yet another day off tomorrow and I am loving it! So far, so fun!

Fun Splashin’

Last night was the most fun I’ve had by myself at Splash in a long, long time. I had so much fun that for the first time ever I lost track of the time. The place was packed and the music by Hex Hector upstairs and John Marto downstairs was slammin! (Check out today’s Song of the Day) I got really lost in the music and flirting with a cute guy, and I lost total track of the time. At one point I decided to look at my phone to see what time it was and was shocked to see that it was 4:30…AM!

I was jolted into action. After all, I’ve got an hour ride home and this old soul needs his beauty rest, lol, so I left my flirt partner with a wink and bolted up the stairs. I was really brought into reality when I saw that the upstairs was completely empty, a lifeless devoid of bartenders, dancers and clientele. That was a first for me and it was strange to see. There were still a lot of people downstairs and I had had no idea it was that late. Ah well, that’s the mark of a great night, except that I waaayyyy overslept this morning!

The First Metro Friday

The weekend all started good enough with the first Metro Fridays at Lizard Lounge. I actually convinced my buds Blanche and Dita to meet me there and we had a pretty decent time, as we usually do. Dita is a very funny person…he’s very good at making valid yet often hysterical observations, just like his old namesake, Dorothy Zbornak. Oh God, you can just imagine the things he’s thinking as his eyes wander the room. He noted that the crowd was full of, um, strange people, and he wasn’t wrong on that, for sure! He was definitely ON Friday night.

Me and Blanche (No Dita does NOT pose for pictures!)

The bar was packed when I first got there, literally standing room only, but of course it cleared out a little once happy hour was done. The crowd was a nice size all night long, though, and Jay was being his usual friendly self, attending to his clientele. There was a show and Ozzie/Ruby did a song I had first asked him to do awhile back, David Guetta and Jennifer Hudson’s “Night of Your Life.” He told me he thought of me when he heard it earlier in the day (smile!) and he decided to perform it. It was a nice performance, especially the cartwheel!

Ms. Ruby doin' her thang!

I guess next week will tell the tale of the tape with Metro Fridays. I hope it does well because even though I love dancing, and LL is not your typical dance club, the crowd at Glass is too broadly young for my tastes. Stay tuned…

The always fun Ms. Sassy Temptress

Greenhouse Sunday

Tonight the party continues in NYC as me and my friend Ivan will be trying out the club Greenhouse. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time, and we attempted it, well we thought about attempting it over the summer, but then school started and so since I’ve got tomorrow off… Stay tuned for a review of this one!

The interior of Greenhouse

Aside from today (cause I got such a late start), the weekend has been productive, too! I’ve gotten a couple of articles in and cleaned the garage a bit, as well as some other much-needed stuff around the house. Since it’s already late and I’ve got to be in the city early I don’t think that trend will continue today, but tomorrow, for sure. Anyway, hope you are all having a great Sunday and thanks for reading! Here’s another posting of that song….I love it!

Night of Your Life (feat. Jennifer Hudson) - Nothing But the Beat

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