Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

Oy, it is now after 3PM and I'm still sitting here at my pc, typing away.  I did want to get one more piece put there before I go about the day and it is one I wanted to do yesterday but didn't have the time.  You see, yesterday, October 20th, 2012, would have been my parents 50th wedding anniversary, and I wanted to acknowledge it here.

On October 20th, 1962, George Myers married Joan Randazzo somewhere in the Bronx.  It was a Saturday, just like yesterday, and from what I could see in the pictures, it was also a beautiful day, as well.  When dad passed away a little more than three years ago, the two of them had been married for 46 1/2 years.  The two of them lived through seven children and all the requisite times, both good and bad, together.  Though theirs was not the perfect marriage, the two of them stuck it out and in the end, I look back on my time with the two of them with only happy thoughts.  

I hope somewhere that dad commemorated the occasion, too, as I know it's been on mom's mind for these past few weeks leading up to it.  I know that if he were here, we all would have been celebrating their 50 years right along with them.  Miss you dad, and I know mom does too!  Happy 50th to the both of you!

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  1. 50 years! Hard to imagine being with someone for that long! :) or 46.5 for that matter!