Monday, October 15, 2012

P!nk's "The Truth About Love" Track Reviews: "My Signature Move"

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Here's the first of four bonus songs on Target's Special Deluxe Edition of The Truth About Love.  Clearly, all of the songs on this great album center around the theme of love, in a myriad of different ways, but musically there's another, looser theme in the music itself, which seems an amalgamation of several earlier artists who've no doubt been listened to by Alecia Moore growing up.  

I've mentioned before that several of the tracks on the record have a vintage feel to them, whether it be the Joplinesque rasp on How Come You're Not Here, the Annie Wilson-like "whoa-oh-oh's" on Timebomb, or the 60's sound on the title cut, one can easily identify some of the musical influences on our heroine growing up. Well, My Signature Move sounds to me like something out of 50's doo-wop, only with P!nk's modern twist and signature lyrics.

Check out My Signature Move, and check out the other track reviews from The Truth About Love:

Are We All We Are

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


Just Give Me a Reason

True Love

How Come You're Not Here

Slut Like You

The Truth About Love

Beam Me Up

Walk of Shame

Here Comes the Weekend

Where Did the Beat Go?

The Great Escape

Chaos and Piss


Stay tuned for the last three...

And you can purchase the digital album on iTunes or the CD at Amazon here:

The Truth About Love - P!nk

For the Target Exclusive Deluxe version of The Truth About Love, click here.

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