Saturday, October 13, 2012

P!nk's "The Truth About Love" Track Reviews: "Chaos and Piss"

Here's another beautiful ballad on The Truth, even though the title's not quite as nice.  I'm not exactly sure of what the song is really about, but a stormy relationship is surely its central theme.  To me, it kind of picks up where The Great Escape left off...our heroine delving directly into the face of emotion, wholly and head-first.

The song's got a great lyrics, especially the awesome hook, and it's also got my favorite line on the whole album:

I'm a willow tree and you can't blow me over
And my roots go deep in anger
I wanna feel the wind as it whips me like a prisoner
I wanna be here
I wanna be here 

Now isn't that beautiful?  Check out Chaos and Piss and also see other The Truth About Love track reviews:

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Stay tuned for the rest...

And you can purchase the digital album on iTunes or the CD at Amazon here:

The Truth About Love - P!nk

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