Saturday, October 6, 2012

Song of the Day Special: Madonna's 30th Anniversary - Everybody - October 6th, 1982

Exactly 30 years ago today, an upstart singer/dancer named Madonna released her very first single on Sire Records. The mid tempo song, titled Everybody, had a bass driven dance sound, and resonated with dance music fans everywhere.

I was in my first semester at Fordham University in the Bronx at the time, and at the ripe old age of 17, I was just beginning to get my own dancing shoes going.  I gobbled up the 12" single as soon as it became available at Crazy Eddie's.  The song had been getting lots of airplay on the three hot dance/R&B stations in New York City: KissFM, KTU, and WBLS, and so by the time I bought the record I had already been in love with it.

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The cover to that single had no photo of this mysterious singer, and later on the cover to its follow-up single, Physical Attraction/Burning Up, only featured a teaser drawing of Madonna, which intrigued fans even more.  It wasn't until her album was released the following July that we'd get the true image of this young upstart who'd taken the dance music world, and later the entire globe, by storm.

Everybody was the beginning of an unparalleled 30 year career full of #1 singles, albums and other smashes, movie and television appearances, and lots of controversy along the way.  I'm proud to say I've been there all along since that first day, 30 years ago today, and throughout my adult life Madonna has played an ever-present role within its soundtrack that continues even today.

So congratulations and thank you Madonna!     


Everybody - Madonna


  1. Interesting John! It's odd that I have never been a huge fan of dance music for the most part, but I do TOTALLY LOVE Madonna!!! Pretty weird for a guy who usually sticks to hard rock bands like KISS, but there it is...go figure!!!

  2. Lol, that's cause Madonna is just one of those artist that transcend, ya know what I mean?