Wednesday, October 3, 2012

P!nk"s "The Truth About Love" Track Reviews - "Slut Like You"

I'm not a slut I just love love

The next track off Truth is another rocking, in-your-face girl power kind of tune.  It reminds me of Cuz I Can, from the I'm Not Dead record, another fun song that puts guys in their place, only this time our heroine is even more condescending towards the other sex:

You don't win a prize with your googly eyes
I'm not a cracker jack
You can't go inside
Unless I let you Jack... or Sam
F*ck what's your name again?
You male come now
You caveman sit down
You shh don't ruin it, wow
Check please

Oh yeah, P!nk can play that game, too.  Like any other of her songs, the lyrics to Slut Like You are well-written and the hook is off the wall.  Gotta love the 'woo hoo's,' the 'boo-hoo's,' and the 'you too's' in the chorus...slamming!

Check out a performance of Slut Like You live from Los Angeles.

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And you can purchase the digital album on iTunes or the CD at Amazon here:

The Truth About Love - P!nk

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