Monday, October 8, 2012

Song of the Day - Ti Amo (Remix) - Umberto Tozzi

Since it's Columbus Day, I wanted to post something with an Italian twist.  This is a song from an Italian singer/songwriter named Umberto Tozzi, and this is his biggest hit ever and has been covered many times. 'Ti amo' means 'I love you' in Italian, and the original version of the song is a ballad form, and beautiful in and of itself.  If you like, you can check it out here.

This remix version is the first one I heard, off of a homemade Italian remix CD I bought in Little Italy some years ago.  The song is, I dunno, just catchy and good, and I've had several friends of mine (Vera, Lisa, are you out there?) come to love it, as well.  So I hope you'll take a listen and enjoy Ti Amo.

Umberto Tozzi

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