Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - A few photos so far

Well, the worst of this storm is just about upon us here on Long Island.  I'm typing furiously in anticipation of the loss of power, which seems inevitable considering the wind out there. Already, plenty of limbs, big ones, have come off some of my trees and I just saw a giant one blow across my front yard.  

Here are a few photos I've gathered from across the Internet of what's been happening so far!  

Hurricane Sandy

New York City before the storm

Southampton, NY

Battery Park, Manhattan, NYC

Somewhere in Connecticut

Stay safe everybody!


  1. oh my!!! Seems as though you're one of the ones who must stay safe... and dry! :) - hang in there!

  2. Whoa. Stay high and dry, if you are stuck in the storm. Keep well.