Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Free Pass from Christmas

I had been invited to a Christmas tree trimming party at my friend Peter and Drew's place tonight, and that was going to be how my story started, but the party was cancelled just a few moments ago.  Ah well, it doesn't change my story, really.

From way back in 2007, when I first started writing, I've penned pieces about how I hate Christmas.  It's not that there isn't anything I like about it, I just hate the whole commercial aspect of the holiday, which only seems to get worse with each year.  The whole thing just really disgusts me...besides, who really thinks of Jesus when they're picking up that new wide screen t.v. at Best Buy?  

(I like this!)

So, anyway, I'll be in Chile this Christmas, so I get to skip it this year.  No Christmas tree.  No lights.  No Christmas village.  No shopping (well, some shopping!)  No cards, no cooking, and no wrapping.  A dream come true!

Well, I won't be skipping Christmas altogether.  Tonight's tree trim party would have been one way of my indulging in the season.  Last night, my pal Blanche invited me over to help him with his tree.  He thought that since I wasn't doing one myself, I might enjoy helping him with his.  Not really!

So while all the family gatherings are taking place and the presents are being open on Christmas morning, I'll be a half a world away.  Will I miss it?  Perhaps, but there's always next year. For now I'll take this one free pass from Christmas.  Have a merry...

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