Monday, December 2, 2013

ARTPOP Track Reviews: Mary Jane Holland

I think that I could be fine
If I could be Mary Jane Holland tonight
I think we'd have a good time
If you'd meet me Mary Jane in Holland tonight


 I don't think I've looked into this one enough to make a real call, especially on the subject matter.  It's mid tempo and it's just okay at first listen. (3 stars) - First Impressions

This is what I said about this track upon first listen, and now that I've looked into it a little more, I still give it only three stars.  Other than Jewels N' Drugs, this downright weird tune about Gaga's pot-loving alter ego has got to be my least favorite song on the album.  Talk about filler!  The song is dissonant and simply a meaningless tale of sex, drugs and fame.  Maybe two stars?

Lady Gaga - Mary Jane Holland (Album Version) [HQ] by EurovisionMemoriesGreece

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