Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Takes Off On Its Own

Way back n early October, I told you that Katy Perry had unleashed some brand new dimensions to her musical range with Prism pre-release songs Dark Horse and Walking On Air.  The latter is already a nice, club-ready tune in its original album version, and the former is...well....great!  And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

I loved Dark Horse the first time I ever heard it.  Think of it as a more contemporary, and funkier, version of her 2011 hit E.T.  The song even begins with a little extraterrestrial noise-a-mijiggy before easing into the bass-heavy, steady pulse of the track, and guest rapper Juicy J's vocals only add tp the hypnotic feel of the song.    

Billboard is reporting that this pre-release (not single-release) has taken a chart life all on its own.   The magazine says the song has debuted this week on the Hot 100 Chart at #40 without any promotion from Katy's label. The song sold three-quarters of a million copies to date, more than double what the set's second single, Unconditionally, has.  

I remember playing it for my friends up in Pennsylvania way back in October and they were all taken in as I was by the mesmerizing track.  Click play below and you will be too!

dark horse - katy perry full (lyric video) from belen on Vimeo.

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