Tuesday, December 10, 2013

P!nk Rocks!

Last March, I posted Basking in a P!nk Afterglow, a short piece reflecting all of the oogeyness I was feeling after watching P!nk's The Truth About Love Tour for the first time.  For those of you who don't know her music well enough, the title of that post refers to a little-known, but awesome song off The Truth called Where Did the Beat Go?  Check it out f you like by clicking the link...believe me, there are so many great P!nk songs out there that I'm sure you don't know.  Any-who, I am feeling no less glee this morning after watching our heroine's show for the third time, and seven months later.

Last night's show was at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.  It was my first trip there and it was a nice arena, though the seating was a little steep (we were a little high, lol).  This night's group consisted of myself, my friends Sean, Kyle and Al, and Sean's two friends Wendy and Danielle.  Sean always has the nicest of friends and these two were so much fun, I think I've made two new friends out of the deal.

Danielle and Wendy

The show itself was awesome, just like the other two times I saw it.  It was a little different this time, as I would have expected, but not much for the better.  She adding the beautiful The Great Escape to showcase her newly-learned piano playing, but that was about all that was new.  Admittedly, I was disappointed that mah song True Love wasn't added, especially since it became a hit single since the last time I saw her, and she dropped two songs from the set list, as well...the fun How Come You're Not Here and the spectacular finale to Glitter in the Air.  The removal of the last one was a stunner, as I knowingly waited on it after the So What spectacle.  It wasn't meant to be, I guess, but still the concert was awesome!

As I watched her performance of Sober, I couldn't help but be in awe of all that P!nk is.  To me, she is one of the top talents out there today and I don't think she gets enough recognition for all that she is.  She's as artistic and expressive as Lady Gaga, but she doesn't have to say so, and she's so much more talented than Brittney and more well-rounded than Christina.  Where those three revel in attention, P!nk is not full of herself... a virtuosity not found in many singers these days.

The performance of Sober showcases all that P!nk is: a masterful songwriter, a physically talented and aesthetically beautiful performer, and a visionary.  And to top it off, she is one of the most humble of stars, interacting with her fans in meaningful and genuine ways, signing autographs and showing genuine appreciation for the bounty of gifts fans brought for her.

Yes, I still love Madonna, but I've got room for two icons in my repertoire.  P!nk is a whole other object of my admiration altogether!  She rocks!

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