Tuesday, March 26, 2013

P!nk Week Song of the Day - Sober (Live - The Truth About Love Tour)

I saw P!nk again last night and luckily for me I found one of my favorite numbers from the show on video to share with you.  Once again, P!nk was outstanding, and from what I could see and hear all around me, she wowed not just me, but everybody in the house with a highly entertaining show.  The set, the choreography, the comedic interludes, the visuals, the singing, and just about everything else were stellar and if you walked into the Coliseum last night not really a fan, you surely came out one!  Now I'm not just saying this because I'm a big fan, but P!nk truly is one of the top if not THE best all around performer in music today!

Check out this clip of P!nk performing her hit Sober.  It typifies the types of numbers she did, visually stunning and beautifully sung, and check out my review of The Truth About Love on Examiner.

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