Monday, March 25, 2013

Justin Timberlake's 'The 20/20 Experience' Track Reviews: Pusher Love Girl

Okay, it's been almost a week since The 20/20 Experience was released, and it's time to start breaking it all down.  The record is a bona fide hit already, almost reaching the 1 million mark in albums sold over the past seven days.  Is that because it's that good, or is it because of the impact FutureSexLoveSound had six years ago and the time that's elapsed since?  There's no doubt that this was one highly anticipated CD, and from my early estimation, the record is good, but it's not that good...not good enough to have done so well so far on its own merit.

I've already mentioned here that the album is more R&B than anything else, and unless you like that sort of Robin Thicke style music, then you might not like it at all.  For what it is though, it is pretty good R&B for the most part, with only one song reminiscent of the last record and a couple of what I like to call "throwaway" tracks.  Most of the tunes on The 20/20 Experience are curiously long...too long for my taste, and for sure must be chopped down for radio play.  The shortest track is the 4th track, That Girl, coming in at 4:58, so that tells you a little of how this one's gonna play out.

We begin our track by track reviews with the first cut, an R&B tune called Pusher Love Girl.  Now this one's got a really nice, soulful groove, and sets the tone for things to come. There's no doubt from this tune that Justin surely has a talent for this type of music and already it's one of my favorite tracks.  Check him out performing the song on Jimmy Fallon:

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE " Pusher Love Girl " Live At... by UnderProject

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