Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Storm Saturn ... Ugh!

When the heck id they start naming snowstorms?  Last month Nemo wreaked havoc on the New York Metro area and now it's Saturn that's becoming a big ole pain in the you-know-what.  

"Oh my God, I heard we're getting ten inches."

That was the girl at Dunkin Donuts tonight, after asking me how I braved the weather on my nightly walk.

I don't know, but this freaking weather has had me all screwed up.  It seems I've heard at least ten different scenarios from various sources, including Tri-State Weather, one of my favorite weather sources on Facebook.  First it was snow, then rain, then back to snow again.  Next it was Wednesday into Thursday, which caused one of my pals to cancel a trip he was taking and another to have a flight delayed for hours.

When I woke up this morning, though, the weather wasn't really that bad.  My car was covered in snow, but the roads were just a little wet, and as I drove eastward towards work, the light snow had changed to rain, which is what it was like most of the day.

Looks like a hurricane, no?

So now apparently, Saturn is hovering again, supposedly dumping more snow on us here on Long Island and the rest of the metro area and New England.  I've just checked two sources, again with differing calling for 3-5 inches overnight and another for more.  Since I have almost an hour's drive to work, that really sucks!

I don't understand it.  I know that weather is unpredictable, but in this day and age, can't they be just a little more accurate?  My mom always says that weathermen are the only profession where they can get things so wrong and still keep their jobs.  Grrrrr!!!!!

Anyway, it's almost 11PM and there's just a little bit of snow out there...and it looks wet, which is going to be heavy in the morning.  Oh my aching back!  I can't wait till this week is over!

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