Wednesday, March 27, 2013

P!nk Week Song of the Day Finale - True Love

It's a beautiful spring Wednesday and a great day for a great finale of P!nk Week (and a half, lol).  Yeah, I've been going a little P!nk crazy these last few days, but for good reason.  To me, P!nk is the hottest, most talented musician in the world today, and I don't say that too lightly.  Not only do her words move me, but her voice and her music bring me joy like no other.

P!nk's rise to the top happened slowly, but surely.  With every record she's done, she's gotten better and better, and with this last one, more people have taken notice than ever before.  Her live shows, which I've seen two of this week, are among the very best I've ever seen, and well...I'm P!nk addicted!

So for the last day of P!nk Week, I'm posting my favorite song off of The Truth About Love.  I dunno, but I loved True Love the very first time I heard it!  It's such a happy song, and it also features Lily Rose Cooper, AKA Lily Allen, guesting.  Many of my followers already know that I did a video a few months ago for this song, a video that I'm pretty proud of because I know it brought smiles to a lot of faces.  Quite a few people in my life tell me that when they hear this song, or even just any P!nk song, they think of me, which is cool.

My only disappointment in P!nk's show was that she didn't perform the song, but at least it was included on a special concert-ending outtake video clip.  I am going to post my video once again below in case you've never seen it.  It's got the studio version of the song in it, but I am also posting P!nk singing it, with Lily, from her VH1 Storytellers special.  That was an awesome show, too, and it was the catalyst for my pal Rich coming to join me on Friday night at MSG, so if you happen to see it on somewhere, sometime, be sure to catch it!  In the meantime, enjoy one or both versions of True Love and have an awesome day!

And here's yours truly...

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