Monday, March 18, 2013

P!nk Week Song of the Day - There You Go


Happy Monday and welcome to P!nk Week on John's World!  Yes, Ms. Thang is coming to my area this weekend and I'm hoping to see her twice, once at Nassau Coliseum one week from today and again this Friday at MSG.  I am so excited I can barely stand it!

There you go around 
Talkin bout that you love me
Cause that love sh** just ain't for me...

Ah, there she was, brash and tough, where it all started out, back in 2000, when the word 'pink' stood for the singer's hair.  The song is a lot R&B, and pretty darned good, the type of stuff she did when she first came on the scene, and at that point we had no idea where she'd be going.  Enjoy!

Pink - There You Go by atlony


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