Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Justin Timberlake's 'The 20/20 Experience' Track Reviews: 'Strawberry Bubblegum'

Okay, here's where The 20/20 Experience starts to get a little sleepy for me.  To get a nicer view of this song, check out what Billboard Magazine has to say about it:

The intensity of "Don't Hold The Wall" evaporates, and a cloud of electronic blips, string stabs and snappy percussion tears at the seams of a (relatively) simple R&B tune. Timberlake has rarely sounded more at peace as he does when he intones, "She's just like nothing that I've ever seen before/And please, don't change nothing, because your flavor's so original." The sashaying outro is pleasant, but the main track is sumptuous enough on its own.  

Way too nice for me!  I'm sorry, but Justin does not have deep enough a catalog for me to give him a pass for changing up his style so much.  I've already taken this, and a couple of other songs, off my 'current' playlist on my iPod.  They make me sleepy....Disappointed!  Check out Justin performing the song on Jimmy Fallon if you like, and let me know whether you agree with me.

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