Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Softer Side of P!nk at a Philadelphia Concert

Aw you see, P!nk rocks!  In a comment made this morning by a writer friend of mine, I learned that on Sunday night, during a concert in Philadelphia, our heroine stopped her show because she noticed a little girl was crying in the audience.  "Is everything okay out there?  Is this little girl alright?"

It turns out that the girl had been crying because people around her had been fighting.  The singer then walked over towards the edge of the stage and offered the girl a stuffed frog and a Rice Krispies treat, telling her that she looked beautiful and thanking her for coming down to the show.  Watch for yourself:


I want to say a big thank you to Michelle for pointing out this story to me and to Yahoo Music writer Wendy Geller for sharing it on the Web.

Oh, and by the way, don't be alarmed by the change in colors on this blog.  They've just turned a lil pink for P!nk week!

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  1. Beautiful :)
    By the way, my niece is going to her concert in 5 or 6 days!
    cheers :)