Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Song of the Day - Land of the Living - Kristine W

I got a mirror, a bottle and a pen
The mirror is cracked
The bottle is empty
And my pen don't know where to begin

I've got a picture, a letter and a song
The picture is torn
The letter is worn
And my tune has been sung before

Another show is over 
And the lights have gone down 
There's no flowers at my door 
No, no callers come around, baby 

But I'm glad to be alive 
And in the land of the living 
Oh, I can't believe that I survived 
And I'm in the land of the living 
Can't believe that I survived 

Usually I only post just a verse or maybe the chorus to introduce a song, but I couldn't resist posting all I have.  This song is a long-time favorite of mine from Kristine W's first album, Land of the Living, in 1996. The song is torchy, yet clubby...all the makings of a great club tune (or a good drag performance!).  Great voice!  Great song!  If you don't know it, be sure to click play...

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