Thursday, January 16, 2014

Song of the Day - La Tortura - Shakira, with Alejandro Sanz

Okay, so here's one for any of you Latin music fans out there.  For a lil spell on a long car ride down in Chile, we listened to my Shakira playlist on my iPod, jamming to those hypnotic, hip-shaking beats and that rich and marvelously unique voice.  I sometimes forget the many great songs she's got in her catalog, and I love the Spanish language ones as much as the English.


Here's one featuring Latin singer Alejandro Sanz that's absolutely smoking hot!  I dare you to listen to the whole thing and not shake something...

Shakira - Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura [Official... by SULEMAN1987

*As I searched for videos for this song, I came across this live version that I thought was worthy enough to share.  Smoking!

Shakira - La Tortura (Live) by YaseminYuksel

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