Sunday, January 5, 2014

Song of the Day - Let's Have a Kiki - Scissor Sisters

Hey it's Pickles, leave a message...

    Jorge and Rodrigo

Hey, I'm calling you back.
Oooh, she's been a bitch tonight.
And by bitch I mean this rain; no cab, nowhere.
So I had to put on the wig, and the heels
And the lashes, and the ears, and take the train, to the club

And you know the MTA should stand for:
Motherf**kers Touching My Ass

So then I get to the club
Looking like a drowned, harassed rat
And I'm greeted, not by Miss Rose at the door
But our friend, Johnny Five-O

Yes honey, the NYPD shut down the party
So no fee for me, and I don't even know what's the tea!

So I hope you're up girl
Because we are all coming over
Lock the doors, lower the blinds
Fire up the smoke machine and put on your heels
'Cause I know exactly what we need

Oh yeah, where yesterday's song was our theme during the first week of my visit to Chile, this one became THE song for the trip.  Rodrigo, who speaks little English, was so cute trying to learn the words to this one, and all three of us kept singin' out one-liners from the tune over and over again.  So, another shout out to my Chilean pals Jorge and Rodrigo.  I'm already missing our nightly kikis!

This kiki is marveloussssss!!!!!

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