Tuesday, May 10, 2011

S is for Smile

Happy Tuesday everyone! The weather is certainly getting nicer around these parts, sunny skies and warm temperatures. No matter what’s going on in your life or how you’re feeling, this kind of weather certainly helps you to see things a little brighter. One of the reasons I like living here in the north is the change of seasons. I think that when the weather slowly turns from cold and dreary to warm and sunny, you just appreciate it more!

Today we continue on with our A-Z Challenge. The other folks are long on their way back already, but it’s no matter. I enjoy coming up with random topics such as these to talk about, and so I’ll get there in my own time. Today we’re on the letter “S.” There are so many words beginning with “S” that at first it was hard to come up with an “S” topic to discuss, but I just finished penning my latest ”Keys to Life” piece, Key to Life #8: Expect Bliss and it gave me my idea for today’s topic:

S is for Smile

Now I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve been told many times in my life that I have a great smile. I’m not so sure about that, but I know why people say it. I think smiles are contagious and they’re easy ways to spread joy to the people you interact with on a daily basis, whether you know them or not. Smiles come naturally for me and they’re always genuine, so I guess that’s why people like it when I do.

The piece I wrote today is all about putting a positive spin on your attitude, which is not always such an easy thing to do. Life can be pretty harsh sometimes and it’s not always easy to think positive thoughts, but it is something that’s worthy to strive for all the time. One way to add to your positive outlook is to smile. Smiling is a simple thing to do and when you get a smile back it just makes you feel good inside.

Imagine if there were more smiles in the world. Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, I’ve run into my fair share of scowlers who never seem to crack a smile and all they do is bring me down. I mean, my life isn’t always the greatest, but why do I need to show it to everybody around me? Whenever I leave my house I try and forget my troubles, live in the moment, and smile whenever I interact with people.

My smiliest picture!

I think this is a perfect companion piece to the latest key to life. If you expect bliss, you’ll smile more, and maybe if you smile more, you just might get some sunshine and warmth coming right back at ya. So what are you waiting for, just smile!

Here’s an oldie from a singer named Vitamin C:

“Put a smile on your face, and make the world better!”

Smile - Vitamin C

Love and Pride

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