Monday, November 10, 2014

Digging (and Rooting for) Nick Jonas

Tomorrow is a long-awaited day for Nick Jonas, I'm sure, who's eponymous second studio album will finally be released.  Now a couple of months ago I probably wouldn't even have noticed the former boy bander/Disney star, but my eyebrows were first raised when he did that now famous erotic photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine.  Then came promotional appearances at NY gay clubs BPM and Up & Down, and my interest was piqued even more.  Next, I checked out a couple of his singles and found that I liked his music, too.  Yup, now I'm a bona fide fan, and I am so rooting for this guy!

Just a little while ago, my pal Manny posted a link to an article on about Jonas on Facebook from Advocate Magazine saying that he'd now "found a new appreciation for this guy."  Indeed, in the article, My first time at a gay club, Jonas says of his promotional aim at the gay consumer, "I don't know why more heterosexual male artists don't embrace their gay fan base, because it's so important. At least, I feel like it's such an important part of my fan base, so I wanted to make an effort and it was incredible to be around my gay fans and celebrate."  

Anyone in the public eye with an attitude like that is awesome in my book, and it doesn't hurt that he's definitely got talent.  Check out this video he just released giving his smash hit, Jealous, the gospel treatment.  It's the second such alternate version of the tune he's done, the first being another spin on the tune with singer Tinashe.  Enjoy!

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