Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Song of the Day - Dangerous - David Guetta, featuring Sam Martin

David Guetta makes a return to the music scene with the release of his sixth studio album, Listen, which is now available on iTunes.  Though the album was released just three days ago, this song, featuring Sam Martin on vocals, is its fifth single and I'm sorry to say that I am not impressed with any of the songs I've heard thus far.  The new stuff signals a change in Guetta's funky dance stylings that's a far cry from his last two smash albums, 2011's Nothing But the Beat and his previous breakthrough smash, One Love.

Guetta singlehandedly became the first of a new type of musical artist, the disc jockey/producer, who would consistently collaborate with the days biggest stars and make songs that would hit the mainstream big time.  Tunes such as Titanium with Sia, One Love featuring Estelle, Turn Me On with Nicki Minaj, Sexy Bitch with Akon and so many others were all monster hits that were heard all the time on dance floors and radio stations around the world.

Like all musical acts, though, David Guetta's style has changed and to me it's no longer got that mainstream dance feel to it that I love so much.  The new stuff has got a more hardcore, rockish edge to it, which is not normally my style. That's not to say I won't download the entire album.  There are other tracks that look promising, including this one and others that feature stars such as Emile Sandé, Nico and Vance, John Legend, Nicki Minaj once again, as well as other artists who may or may not mesh well with the deejay/producer's new style.  We shall see...

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