Thursday, November 13, 2014

Song of the Day - Forever - Chris Brown

Feels like I've waited my whole life
For this one night
It's gonna be me, you and the dance floor

I came into today's post not really knowing what song I was going to put up.  I took a look at the iTunes chart for the day and it is teeny bopper city, that is all Taylor Swift and One Direction (I know, they're not really teeny boppers anymore!).  I mean, who seems to own the heavy consumer hand in the music world?  You?  Me?  Eh eh, it's the good ole fashioned American teenage girl, who's got a crush on the boys from across the pond and wanna be just like their All American grown-up pop star.

Okay, okay, so I put up a couple of Taylor Swift songs in the past couple of weeks.  I didn't say I hated her, or One Direction for that matter, but please...they're not the only thing out there!  So since I've been going strong on a lot of new stuff lately, I've been forgetting that I can post an older tune anytime and not just on Friday.  So the other night, while my pal Kyle and I were eating dinner, the song I Can Only Imagine, by David Guetta with Chris Brown, came on and our conversation turned for a minute to the bad-ass imaged singer.

I like Chris Brown's music, my buddy mused.  His dance stuff is great!

I believe the same thing...Brown does have a voice that lends itself well to the dance floor.  And here's one that Kyle mentioned by name, one of my favorites of Brown's which I hadn't heard in a long time.  So yeah, it's Thursday, and we can definitely get lost on the dance floor in our minds as we plod through our days...Forever...

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