Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christina Aguilera's "Lotus" Track Reviews: "Lotus Intro / Army of One"

Song bird, rebirth, unearthed creature
Submerged from hurt, pain, broken pieces
Emergency, heartbeat increases
Rise up Lotus, rise up, this is the beginning

This is the beginning
This is the beginning
This is the beginning

Okay, now that we're off to a good start with the first three tracks of Rihanna's Unapologetic, it's Christina's turn for a little observation of her latest, Lotus.  Being of the gay persuasion, I love my divas, and these two are among my favorites, so both albums are worthy of my honest, fan-based opinions.

This album is a big test for Ms. X-Tina for a lot of reasons, and the opening salvo above speaks to her attitude going into the venture.  After a poorly received Bionic (2010), which I mostly liked, and a divorce from husband Jordan Bratman, Christina has been aching to be seen in the glowing light she once basked in, musically anyway.  

So far, the album has shown disappointing results, debuting on the Billboard charts at only #7, her lowest ever, and even though there are a few bright spots, I can say with certainty that this is not her best effort by any means.  There are good songs and there are lackluster ones, as we will soon see, and Lotus is not the stellar concept album that it was promised to be, not nearly as wonderful as 2002's breakthrough Stripped or 2006's fantastic Back to Basics.

I review the first two tracks here together, as they sort of mesh together to start things off.  To me, a good album always begins with a great track, and the intro doesn't quite fit the bill, though it does introduce a really nice song in Army of One.  The Lotus Intro is certainly a dramatic prologue to something, though I'm not sure where the lotus comes in, or if she ever really reaches what she intended to do with the record.  She claimed herself that she was all over the place conceptually and musically with this one, and maybe therein lies the mistake.

Army of One continues the mantra of the opening salvo, namely 'rising up,' and it showcases the fact that Miss Christina still has the powerful, beautiful pipes she's always had. I particularly love the crescendo in the chorus rising up from a nice melody.  It's catchy and is perhaps it will be the second single after Your Body. She performed this little set at the AMA's a couple of Sundays ago, which you can check out here.  

You can also check out the studio versions of the Lotus Intro and Army of One, and as always, feel free to comment if you've got anything to add.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more tracks off Lotus.

Lotus - Christina Aguilera

Lyrics taken from Metro Lyrics.

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