Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Song of the Day - Lotus Intro/Army of One - Christina Aguilera

Here's one performance I didn't mention on last night's post, and I did it on purpose.  Last week Christina Aguilera released her latest album, Lotus, which I downloaded a few days ago.  Since I posted Rihanna's Stay yesterday from her latest, Unapologetic, I wanted to add something from X-Tina, as well.  I'm contemplating doing track by track reviews of both albums in the coming weeks as I get to know them, like I did with M.D.N.A. and The Truth About Love.

So far, I'm not too impressed with either record, unfortunately, but that's subject to change as I listen to them more.  As for this performance, we see both the album's intro and a track called Army of One.  Though I'd heard about Christina's weight gain, I was still taken aback when I saw just how big she'd gotten.  The performance is a little over the top, but Miss Christina has still got one powerful set of pipes.  Check it out...

Lotus - Christina Aguilera 

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