Thursday, November 29, 2012

Music News Bytes: New Music by Alicia Keys, and Britney, Ke$ha; Adam Ant Returns

Another Hot New Music Week

After a really slow summer of fresh new music, the scene this fall has taken a big upswing with hot new releases from some of my favorite artists.  P!nk, Rihanna, Christina, Nelly Furtado, and Calvin Harris have all come out swinging with brand new sets, and Bruno Mars, Cher, and a few others are set to return to the spotlight with new albums as well.

This week saw big time new music releases from DJ Tiesto (Dance: RED Save Lives), Bon Jovi (Inside Out - Live), Kid Rock (Rebel Soul), and one other of particular interest to me...

Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire"

It's been 11 years since Alicia Keys first burst on to the music scene with her debut smash, Fallin, and this talented singer/songwriter has come and gone throughout the years since with memorable scorchers such as the funky Karma, the tender No One, and a prominent spot on Jay Z's Empire State of Mind.  This week, Ms. Keys returns to the top with a brand new smash song and album, Girl on Fire, another soon to be classic.  The song is wonderfully written and powerfully produced, and the reviews all seem to concur that both the song and the album are on fire! Check out the video of Girl on Fire.

Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys and Britney debut "Scream and Shout"

One of the big stories in the dance music world this week was the release of the new collaboration by Britney Spears and on the new track, Scream and Shout.  When I first saw that the song had been released, I jumped to hear it right away, since I like both artists.  Even though I wasn't too crazy about their first collaboration, Big Fat Bass, from Britney's Femme Fatale, I was hoping for something I could sink my teeth into.

The song is really nothing new, with sounds of past tracks and Britney's way over-altered voice set to a frenzied dance track.  There are only a couple of short snippets of the song where it actually sounds like her singing, the altering is so big. Otherwise, you might swear it was someone else.  I'm sure this one will receive airplay in clubs, but not in many other places, which is too bad, but judging from its performance on iTunes (it currently sits at #1 on the most downloaded chart), I may be wrong!  Check out the video for Scream and Shout, which debuted on X-Factor the other night.

Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) - Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) - Single

Ke$ha's "C'mon"

Ke$ha has never really been one of my favorites, but she does have a couple of songs I've liked over the years.  Her voice isn't exactly angelic, in fact it's pretty downright bad, but she's got an ear for today's listener with saucy lyrics and catchy hooks.  That being said, I am loving her latest, Die Young.  That song to me is her most pop-friendly yet, with a nice music track and pleasant chorus, and in anticipation of her newest (due out next Tuesday, December 4th), she's released her second single, C'mon, which is another nice one. Who knows, I may just buy this album! Check it out C'mon.

C'mon - C'mon

Ri-Ri on Fire

Rihanna has just scored her very first #1 album with Unapologetic, as Diamonds continues its' reign at the top spot for a second straight week, according to Billboard.  I'm actually surprised that this is her first top album, considering that to me it is not nearly her best effort.  It just goes to show you how big of a star the 24 year-old singer has become.  Be sure to check back to this blog in the coming weeks as I continue to break down the tracks on Unapologetic.  Check out the first three here:

Phresh Out the Runway



Adam Ant pictured in 1981

It Came from the 80's: The Return of Adam Ant

I just read an article about the impending return of 80's new wave/punk British singer Adam Ant.  Many may remember Adam from his 1982 smash Goody Two Shoes, but even before that he and his group Adam and the Ants were an eccentric new wave band, with a gothic, Revolutionary War era style of garb and an eerie sort of fun music.  The band were a staple in the early days of MTV, and even after they disbanded in 1982, Adam went on to more success with more hits and other entertainment gigs.  In fact, back in the day, Adam was quite the sex symbol, and even my girlfriend at the time (yes, I did say girlfriend!) had the ultimate hots for him.

Well, it's been 17 years since the now 58 year-old Mr. Ant has done anything new musically, and he's about to hit the music world again with a brand new set called Adam Ant in The Blueback Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter.  Strange title, huh?  Well if you were ever a fan of Adam, then you might understand that the title is a typical one for the eccentric star, who's been gone so long partially because he's been battling mental health problems.  I'm not sure if I'll pick up the set, but I'm sure to take a listen.

In the meantime, here's Adam's biggest, irresistable smash from the 80's:

Goody Two Shoes - Friend or Foe 

Well, that's all he wrote for now.  Stay tuned for more Music Tidbits in the near future...

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