Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Song of the Day - Who Knew? - P!nk's Storytellers

A couple of nights ago I finally watched P!nk's Storytellers special on VH1.  This show is perfect for a master storyteller/lyricist like P!nk, and I watched each segment with great anticipation waiting to see what song she would talk about and perform next. It's really too bad the program was shaved down to an hour, for I'm sure she could have, and maybe even did, a full two hours.

While I had been researching and reviewing The Truth About Love tracks, I'd discovered that when P!nk writes songs, there's always a particular story behind the words she writes, of course, yet she likes it that listeners can take their own meanings from her words and sort of make it their own.  It's one of the things that makes her a fantastic songwriter.

This happened with me and the song The Great Escape, which I and apparently several of her fans thought was about suicide. As it turns out, the song was really about how people escape the pain in their lives by turning to drugs, which makes perfect sense after taking another listen to the words.

She commented on this during the Storytellers episode, and she noted that she doesn't always like to share what the songs are about for fear of ruining it for other people.  The song she was referring to was this wonderful song, Who Knew?, which I always thought was about a past love, but it is not.  I'll let her tell you all about it, and then you can enjoy this wonderful acoustic rendition of the song.  Enjoy!  

                      Who Knew (VH1 Storytellers) - Music Videos - Live Performances

Who Knew - I'm Not Dead

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