Sunday, November 4, 2012

Song of the Day Tribute to Jam Master Jay - It's Like That/Sucker MC's - Run DMC

On October 30th, 2002, Jason Mizell, Jam Master Jay of Run DMC fame, was shot and killed in Jamaica, Queens in a notoriously senseless attack in a recording studio.  It's hard to believe it's been ten years already since this groundbreaking Hall of Fame musician left us, and so today we make note of this sad anniversary with two of my favorite early Run D.M.C. tunes...

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the death of Run D.M.C. spinmeister Jam-Master Jay, we present two early songs of a groundbreaking trio. Run D.M.C. was one of the first acts ever to bring hip-hop to the mainstream,  leading the way for a huge transformation in the pop music world that has evolved, yet has  remained a force in music even today.

Back in 1983, the group Run D.M.C., consisting of Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darrel "D.M.C." McDaniels, and Jason "Jam-Master Jay" Mizell, released a two-sided single featuring the street-tough It's Like That, backed with the fast-paced Sucker M.C.'s.  The two songs were typical of the "new" rap sound that was fast becoming popular in those days, with streetwise social commentary set to primitive (by today's standards) back beats.  The mix was infectious, and these two songs got lots of airplay and helped propel the trio into the mainstream, beginning with their first, eponymous album that came out a year later.

Check out the classic It's Like That:                                                    

Sucker MC's was featured in the background of Madonna's 1985 film debut, Desperately Seeking Susan.  I remember distinctly the song playing in the background as our heroine (?) arrived at New York's Port Authority and, um, cleaned up in the public bathroom.  Having bought the 12" single for these two songs, I'd have to say that I played this one more than the other, and I still love it!  Here's a rare early performance of the song, with a special treat afterwards for old school rap fans out there...

Run-DMC: Greatest Hits - Run-DMC

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