Monday, July 18, 2011

Come at Me Correct - An open letter

A long, long time ago I received a pretty nasty comment on an article I wrote for what was then Associated Content. It was one of the first nasty comments I ever received and upon reading it I was angry and a little hurt by the whole thing. I mean, I always try to put my best out there, and I know that I’m always taking chances when I do, but criticism is not always easy to take.

After thinking about it I decided to do a follow-up article to respond to the anonymous comment. As I usually am with my writing, I write from my own truth, and I like to put things out there that are plain and honest, as I see it, and I think it’s the best way for a writer to handle such a situation. In my haste I deleted the original comment, but I did quote it in the subsequent article. Ever since, I’ve tried to make a habit not to wipe out the negative, as I should be able to take the bad with the good, and I always try to respond in accordance with my style.

Innocently enough, this morning I began a weeklong special in my “Song of the Day” posts of Janet Jackson videos, and I started off with one of my favorites, “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Just a few minutes ago I received an email telling me that I had a comment on the post and it read something like this:

“Ummmm Janet is on a sold out world tour and she doesn't need new material when she can perform her 36 number one songs and still sell out globally. You should be more concerned about your shitty ass cheap looking hole in the wall blog that gets about 2 hits a day. I’m laughing my ass off right now don't feel sorry for Janet she was just in 2 blockbuster movies and on a sold out tour and she has a movie deal with lions gate to make her own feature film. Janet is making millions every time she steps on much do you earn from your dumb ass blog??? “

Of course, upon reading such a comment, my blood began to boil. It still always does, even for just a little bit. Oftentimes I just respond with a comment of my own, hopefully to counteract whatever the commenter said, but this time I am once again moved to write an entire response to this “anonymous” person because I think it deserves it…and now I will speak directly to him or her:

Hey Mr. (or Ms.) Anonymous,

First of all, thanks for checking out my “shitty ass cheap looking hole in the wall blog.” As you pointed out, I could really use the hit. I try to make a habit of not deleting nasty comments such as yours because I think the words speak for themselves as to the type of person you must be to leave such malicious and uninstigated insults for no apparent reason.

For the record I love Janet Jackson...I even met her once. I didn’t say that her star has faded to insult her or you or any other fan. I was just stating a fact. Janet’s last top ten song was “Someone to Call My Lover” back in 2001, and the highest rated song she’s attained since was 2007’s “Feedback,” topping out at #19. She’s released three studio albums since 2004, the year of the “stupid nipple incident” (2004’s “Damita Jo,”, 2006‘s “20 Y.O,” and “Discipline,” from 2008), and although they all sold well, none of them produced any significant hits like from her earlier days. Of course, she’s a legendary star, but you can’t say that her status hasn’t waned in the past seven years or so.

Also, when you comment and put things out there, you should always check your facts. I did some checking and here’s what I found out:

You said she has “36 number one songs.” Well, not so much. Janet’s had 10 songs to reach #1 and 13 more to reach top ten status. I think it’s very impressive…it’s one of the reasons I love her so. But even if you add the 10 plus the 13, that’s still only 23, so I have no idea where the number 36 came from.

Look dude (or dudess), I’m a Janet Jackson fan. We’re on the same team. We should be nice to one another. Hey, I even wrote an article on my picks for her top ten songs (click here and leave a comment if you don’t agree, but be nice!) and I’ve seen her in concert six times, so I think I qualify as a bona fide fan.

As to the tone of your comment, I have to say there’s really no reason to be so nasty. I have one big mantra in life and you really should try and abide by it. It says “don’t be a hater,” and all it means really is that you shouldn’t hate on people for no apparent reason. It just makes the world an uglier place, don’t you think? If you disagree with something I or anyone else says, there’s a nice way to do it, ya know?

And for the record about this blog, I’m happy to report that I do get more than two hits a day here. In fact, out of all of the places I write, this is where I get the most hits, between 450 and 700 hits per day. Not too shabby, huh? As for what it looks like, well you’re entitled to your opinion, but I think it’s pretty cool looking for what it is. Hey I’m no expert, and I’m still learning tricks and stuff about working with a blog.

So please, if you or any of my other readers choose to respond to something I say, all I ask is that you come at me correct. I can choose to delete whatever it is you say anyway, or I can just leave it up there for others to make their own judgments as to your character (now there’s a reason to hate!), if you even care what that is (and I think maybe you might because you don’t leave your name!). Once again I thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I hope you’ll take heed of what I said and be a little nicer from now on…



Here’s a little treat for any of you kids who love Miss Janet. It’s one of my favorite tunes, inspired by Carly Simon’s “You're So Vain,” and employing the singer's vocals in a cool way. Though it was remixed and released as a single featuring guest raps by Missy Elliot, I like the album version a lot better. It’s got a very bassy, funky beat and it’s great to dance to. Be warned though if you’ve got kids within earshot, the lyrics feature explicit language in this version.


Son of a Gun

Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) [P. Diddy Remix] - All for You

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