Wednesday, July 27, 2011

O is for Oh Sheila

Just yesterday my friend and coworker Wendy were talking about my blog and the Z to A Challenge came up. "Oh my God, I've got to finish that!" In the busy-ness that has been the last month since school ended I had forgotten all about it. Well, though it really should have been over by the end of May, here it is July 27th and I'm only on the letter "O." I did say back then that no matter how long it takes me I would get it done and now that it's back on my mind, hopefully I will get it done soon! If you want to check out past posts on this particular challenge, which is all dedicated to music, check out the "Z to A Blogger's Challenge" label below and to the right.

"Oh Sheila" is a #1 R&B song from 1985 sung by a group called Ready for the World. The song has that quick, drum background remniscent of the Minneapolis sound that was so popular back thenn and I played it out on my CD player. Though I rarely take a listen to it anymore, I still love it when I do. Btw, there whole albumm was great, too! Do you remember "Oh Sheila?"

Oh Sheila - Ready for the World

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