Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Song of the Day - End of Time - Beyonce

I'm kind of excited this morning. You see, the other day I started a "Beyonce Spotlight," hoping to feature some of the songs off of her absolutely awesome new album, "4" (I'm loving it more and more with every listen!). The other day I featured a great ballad, "I Care," and today I'm featuring a song that's a little more up tempo. I was listening to it in the car last night and upon hearing this song, "End of Time," I knew I would use it for today's "Song of the Day."

"End of Time" is an fast and rhythmic song that's very pleasant and I think it has the potential to be a big hit (You can say you heard it here first!). It's got a great, "Say you'll never let me go" hook and the drumbeats give it an irresistably festive sound.

Anyway, since it's so new I didn't think I'd find any kind of video for it, maybe just an audio track with a picture of her like the other day, but when I did a YouTube search I came across this. It's a video made by a group of people under the name of TheshayWest on the website and it's just as good as having a real Beyonce video...lots of fun!

So check out and enjoy the happy and fun "End of Time" ...and pick up "4"!!!!!

4 - Beyoncé

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