Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16, 2011 - Blanchie's "David"

I actually wasn’t going to post today, but something happened today that just made me giddy and I wanted to get it out there before I lose it. I just finished a workout and I’ve got to get this out before I jump in the shower for my trip to the Grove tonight. Let’s get right down to it…

NOTE: Please play the video below as you read this post!

Blanchie's "David"

Weezie, I bought the David statue. One problem…I can’t get it out of the car by myself. He’s made of cement. He’s in the back seat, naked, laying down.

That was the text I received while I was working out in the backyard. I hadn’t had my phone nearby so I got it about a half-hour after Blanchie sent it to me. I laughed to myself as I read it. I dunno, it was funny and it was Blanche! I called him up as soon as I got the message.

“I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Now Blanche and I live close by and we often help each other out with things (See I’ll never be a moving man), and of course he could count on me to help him with, uh hmmm, David. Ah yes, the famous statue by Michelangelo, the idyllic male form captured forever by the hands of the great artist. Joe and I saw the real thing in Florence, or Firenze, back in 2002, and for awhile there I was wanting one for my backyard. Yes, I was a little jealous, happy, and giddy all at the same time.

I rushed on over and jumped right out of my car to go check out Blanche’s homoerotic sculpture. I walked up the driveway and peered in the back seat of his car. I gasped! There he was laying down in Blanchie’s backseat in all his glory. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the thing, lol.

Blanche came out and greeted me and we got right down to business. I grabbed David by the head and Blanche took up the feet. Boy was he heavy, almost as heavy as that freezer a couple of weeks ago. We huffed and puffed as we carried the naked statue around the house and into the backyard, setting him down on the cover to Blanchie’s cesspool, the perfect spot!

Of course, pictures tell more than I could here, so I’m gonna share a couple of photos I took with my iPhone. I have to say, David’s body in the statue is pretty spot on, I guess, but the face was a little strange…you be the judge.

Blanche checking out the goods on his new man.

Strike a pose!

Well, I gotta run! Have a great Saturday night!

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