Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Birthday Song of the Day - Everybody - Madonna

Today is my birthday and I wanted to put something special as my "Song of the Day." Since Madonna is my all-time favorite musical artist, I kind of knew I wanted to put one of hers up here. I thought about many songs, like "Music," "Sky Fits Heaven," "Like a Prayer" (my favorite!), and of course many more, but I thought I'd share the one that started it all.

"Everybody" was Madonna's first single way back in 1982 and although it was never a massive hit on the pop charts, it was all over NYC radio back then when nobody knew who the heck she was. The song definitely got her noticed by many, including me, for its catchy lyrics and bassy track. So, happy birthday to me, lol. Love you Madonna!

Everybody - Madonna

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