Monday, November 14, 2011

Song of the Day - All Night Long - The Mary Jane Girls

Source: Rocka-Bye-Baby

One of my friends on Facebook, a drag queen by the name of Savannah Monroe, made a post last night asking for 'candy' songs. At the time I'd seen it, there were 24 comments suggesting all sorts of songs with the word candy in them, and not one of them was the one I was thinking. As soon as I started reading the comments, the music to the Mary Jane Girls' song "Candy Man" popped into my head, but I couldn't think of the name for a bit. Anyway, I posted that one on my wall for Savannah to see, but then I got to thinking...

Since Mary J. Blige is coming out with her "My Life II" next week,and since it's being called a sequel to the original "My Life" album from 1994, there's a connection to the Mary Jane Girls. On that album, Mary sampled this classic song from 1983 on her own "Mary Jane." I remember the original being played all over the radio back in the day and I always loved it for it's sultry sounds, and though Mary did the song justice, the original's still the best!

All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls

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