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November 15th, 2011 - Bad karma, stars out of alignment, or just another Ziggy period?

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It’s been a really quiet week or so from me here and I think it’s time for a little venting. As I’ve said many times before, life is a series of ups and downs and it’s all about riding the ups as long as you can and lasting through the downs as well as you can. I once compared my life to Ziggy, the unfortunate cartoon character, and I’ve had one of those weeks where the Ziggy in me just came out. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted any Thanksgiving Thanks in a couple of days…I haven’t been feeling too thankful lately.

When it rains it pours and things always come in bunches, and lately I’ve been thinking about faking my own death and moving to a whole new place with a entirely new identity. It’s been that bad! Aside from things created by myself, like forgetting a conference and suffering numerous work-related repercussions, or not locking the oil cap on the lawn mower and having the whole thing start to smoke all over the place, there have been other things, intangible things that just happen, and it just puts me in a bad mood.

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Wasting Gathered Info

Oh, I don’t know where to begin…perhaps last night. My friend Rich and I went to go watch my buddy Rita play softball, which we’ve been meaning to do for awhile. She’s been asking me to come watch her play and meet her new flame Obi Wan Kenobi (jkg!), which I finally did. Anyway, I knew that I needed to get home to do my weekly ‘new music’ article for Gather, so I left early and headed home to start, around 9 PM.

Two and a half hours later, I was still there putting the finishing touches on the piece and finally submitting it. I did a couple of things I had to do as I waited for the approval so I could post it to Twitter and Facebook. When I checked my email, it had been rejected! Apparently there’s a new program at Gather in which new music releases can be assigned, and my rejection said that someone else had a claim to my topic. I was incredulous as I’ve been doing these pieces for a few months now and I found it hard to believe that some other writer claimed the broad title of ‘new music.’

I scrambled to get it out there somewhere, not wanting to waste the time I’d spent. I logged into Y!CN, or I should say I tried logging in there, but I kept getting put back to the login screen without any warning. After several tries, I remembered that they had posted maintenance work and downtime on the site from 11PM onwards. Grrrrrrrr!!!!! “Ziggy!” I’d have to wait for the morning.

Laptop Woes Make for an Even Later Night

Earlier, as I was writing and researching, I was also trying to identify and fix a problem with my laptop. My USB drives have not been working properly and I was trying several fixes in between reading articles. The last fix I tried said I had to restart the computer for it to take effect and I had been too busy with the article to do that…I had waited.

After deciding to give up on publishing the article last night, I had to restart my computer before I could go to bed. I waited for it to go through all of the new configurations before it turned itself on again and then I’d have to shut it down. By the time I got to bed, I had five hours to sleep.

A Happy Ending and a Little Coffee Mess

Things got a little better this morning as my managing editor at Gather overrode the rejection and published my piece, which you can see here. Of course, the bad karma kept true, though, as I ran late for work, having left too much for the morning, and just as I was about to leave I spilled my cup of coffee all over my desk. Grrrrrrr…“Aw, what’s ten more minutes late?” At least I got my article published, and by the time I got home from work today it had gotten almost 200 hits. Very nice!

And That Was Nothing

So last night’s long, drawn out fiasco had a happy ending, but that’s just a microcosm of the things that seem to be going bad lately. All of my stars have definitely been out of alignment this past week and it really sucks! The week’s been full of negative interactions with friends, non-interactions with friends, a lonely weekend of mostly solitude, work piling up faster than I can handle it, and lots of misbehavior and trouble with my students. Bad karma is all around me and I don’t know why. I hate these Ziggy periods and I can’t wait for things to turn again. I know they will. Maybe tomorrow I’ll burn some sage around my house. Then I can get back to being thankful.

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