Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Song of the Day - Make You Feel My Love (Live) - Adele

Source: Coverlandia

I came across this performance while penning my latest "new music" article and knew right away I wanted to post it as the "Song of the Day." It's a cover of a Bob Dylan song that Adele recorded for her first album, "19." Like many of Adele's songs, this one is heartwrenching and beautiful, and I remember listening to it a lot during sadder days earlier this year and it always gave me comfort, the type of magic the young Miss Adele weaves.

The performance is from a new live set that's being released this week of Adele's recent live tour and took place at London's Royal Albert Hall. At the beginning you get a little glimpse of the singer's fun side before she gets serious, dedicating the song to the late Amy Winehouse.

The year 2011 has definitely been Adele's year, and we're all blessed to be gifted with her talent. Enjoy, and Happy Tuesday!


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