Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16th, 2011 - Writing Wednesday

Well, I missed last week’s “Writing Wednesday” and so you might think I’d have a lot to share here for two weeks worth of writing, but it’s really not too much. Life’s been really hectic and there hasn’t been a lot of time for writing like I’d like, unfortunately, and so here goes nothing:

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New Music for the week of November 14th

This is the one that got rejected, then put up on Y!CN for a spell, then accepted back on to Gather. This week’s new albums include Drake’s sophomore set, a R.E. M. retrospective and a new Christmas album from the Gleesters.

Mary J. Blige’s Streaming Live Event

Yes, MJB is back and she’s doing a special live streaming concert tomorrow night, November 17th, and for the special show she’ll be performing the entire, original “My Life” album. Should be awesome!

A New Thrill Park in Orlando?

This one was really exciting to research. Developers are planning a new amusement park in Orlando featuring 8 brand new world-class coasters, something which has been sorely lacking in the land of make believe. Plans are still tentative, but fingers are crossed!

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Long Island’s Farmer’s Markets

I work in Long Island Farm Country and I just love going into all of the special farm stands to buy fresh veggies, hoe-baked goods and lots of other cool stuff. Well, farmer’s markets are places where the farmer’s bring their wares to you and they are literally all over the island. Thanksgiving is a great time of year to get these goods while they’re out there, so check it out.

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Extended Long Island Restaurant Week

LI Restaurant Week has officially ended, but five great restaurants around the island have extended their prix fixe meals for even more great dining bargains.

Let the Shopping Begin at Holiday Craft Fairs

I love a good craft fair! You can find all sorts of unique items for gifts or for yourself, and there are plenty of them to go around beginning this weekend.

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It All Started with Ruth Buzzi

I’ve only written one piece for Y!CN in the past two weeks and it’s the second in a series I hope to do on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The topic of the piece is eliminating campaign financing and it was inspired by comedienne Ruth Buzzi, who favorited it on Twitter and then wrote me with a complement and to tell me that my piece inspired her to write her own...hmmm, looking forward to that!

Source: I'm Learning to Share

Well that's all she wrote for now. I hope to be back on time next week with at least as many new pieces as I've shared for the past two. We shall see...As always, thanks for reading!

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