Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Thanks - New York City

I’m thankful for New York City

I would think that most of us love where we live. Every place on Earth has its own special things about it, and where I live is no different. I feel very lucky to live where I live because all of my life I’ve had the good fortune to reside in or near what is quite literally the “Center of the Universe.” New York City, to me, is the greatest city on Earth! No other place on Earth even comes close. There is so much about New York City to love, and sometimes hate, but it's all good and I’m grateful to have it in my life to enjoy.

I was born in the Bronx and spent the first eight years of my life living there. It was then, in 1972 I believe, that my family moved to Long Island and I was miserable about it for a long, long time. In fact, I was the only one of my siblings who ever wanted to go back to live, which is exactly what I did right after I graduated high school.

I’ve always been drawn to the city; the glamour, the buildings, the hustle and bustle of it all…a person would have a hard time ever being bored in New York City.

I have so many fond memories of the city: seeing Dreamgirls on Broadway in 1982, my first show; taking two hours walking from Penn Station to the World Trade Center with my high school sweetheart Karen because it looked close enough; countless day trips with my pals Vera and Joey; skipping class just to go down and walk around; Ranger and Knick games at MSG; shopping the Virgin Megastore in Times Square at midnight; renting an apartment on Bleecker Street with Joe for a mini-vacation; traffic jams; bridges and tunnels; electricity in the air; dinners and cocktails; the Statue of Liberty; Macy’s Herald Square; the Met, MOMA and the Guggenheim; the big, beautiful buildings; Pride Parades; dancing at Studio 54 and now Splash; taxicabs, buses and the subway; the Sea Tea, and so many more.

You get where I’m coming from...New York City has it all and then some, and I am one lucky S.O.B. to have had that place be an indelible part of my life, for all my life. I will continue to enjoy it for the rest of my days and be thankful every day that it's there for me to soak in. I guess you could say I’m in an Empire State of Mind…

Fun Times in NYC

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