Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another birthday come and gone

Another birthday come and gone, and life moves on...

My 48th birthday was a good one!  I can never show enough appreciation thankful enough for all of the blessings in my life, and my birthday is always a good reminder of that.  In my life I've managed to touch the lives of many people in a good way, and that was never more evident than yesterday, as I received well over 100 well wishes via Facebook, text, phone calls, birthday cards and face to face.  The love I received from far and wide throughout the day yesterday was overwhelming at times, and just plain heartwarming the rest of the day.

A 'Surprise' Party

Yesterday my students threw me a 'surprise' birthday party at school.  I put the word surprise in quotes, because it wasn't really a surprise.  The other day one of them had asked me if I would step outside the classroom for five minutes because they needed to have a 'meeting.'  My first instinct was to refuse and angrily ask them why, but then I realized what they were doing.  So I spent the rest of the week pretending not to know what they were cooking up.

Even though I knew it was coming, sappy old me still got a little choked up when it finally happened.  Around 11:30, my students disappeared from my room, and I knew the time had come.  They sent my pal, Laura Kim, to come and fetch me and bring me back to her room where the party was.  All I'll say was it was awesome.

They bought me a cake and presents and they said a lot of nice things about me and how I've touched their lives. I tell ya, if I ever had any doubts, this once again was validation that I definitely chose the right profession, and whether or not I ever find true happiness in my personal life, at least one day I'll be able to look back and say that I made a difference.

The Celebration Continues...

Since my birthday was on a Friday for the first time in what feels like eons, I wanted to spend it out on the town with some friends.  My friends Rich and Bobby and I made plans to have dinner together to celebrate both Rich's and my birthdays at one of my favorite restaurants, a Colombian place called Gallo.  Then it was off to Metro Fridays at Lizard Lounge, where I had asked some of my other favorite people to join us for a drink or two.

At first, the place was empty, and Rich, Bobby and I were the only ones of our party to be there for what seemed like forever.  Just as we were thinking of leaving around 10:15 or so, my pal Tim showed up and soon the rest of my bowling pals came to party.  We joked around and had a few laughs until about midnight when another set of friends showed up, Manny and Ozzie and their entourage, and before you knew it, I was leaving Metro at around 3AM.  

So like I said, another birthday come and gone, and I'm happy that I had so many people to share it with.  I want to say thank you and that I love you all...

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